Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Apologies to all for the long hiatus in posting. We have returned from our winter break, and are planning to attend the Winter Congress for JSA, which will be held in conjunction with Arizona JSA and, according to rumor, Hawaii JSA. In order to help raise funds, we will be re-instituting our recycling program from the previous year (something that, as Vice-President, I admit I have let lapse despite orders otherwise, and apologize for the misdeed). We are currently in the process of procuring many paper bags, donated by Trader Joe's, for the purpose of having an orderly, widespread recycling program for the club. Fundraising at this point is paramount, on equal footing with our debates, of which we hope to have more of in the coming year. If anyone is willing to help facilitate any of the above, please contact one of the officers (Elise, Jasmin, Alexandria, and myself). We look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting!

-Brennan Jackson, Vice-President

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hey everyone!
Meeting this monday the 13th. We will be discussing recycling, the Halloween food fair, Fall State and the yard sale. Please bring in items for the yard sale and bottles for recycling whenever you can. Even if you are not in this club or are thinking of joining this club, we would love for you to donate your empty bottles. Help the environment and help JSA (Junior State of America, the political debate club). We really need to get down to business. Also, at this meeting I will be appointing one person to be in charge of the debates (this is another officer position). If you are interested in being appointed to this position than either come talk to me personally or e-mail me at In order to fill this position, you must be able to attend all meetings (absence with a valid excuse is acceptable). Remember to bring bottles to recycle and think of things to sell at the food fair on Halloween (October 31). Please come talk to me if you would like to be involved in the homecoming parade for JSA. I hope to see you all at the next meeting  :)

Your President,
Elise Jackson

Monday, September 29, 2008


We had to create a constitution for Leadership, so here it is! There are a couple important aspects, but this basically dictates how our club is going to work, so I suggest you read!

-Brennan (Vice President)

Our purpose for forming this organization is to further both our knowledge and understanding of politics and our abilities as debaters.

Article I: NAME
We are the Hollywood High School chapter of the Junior State of America.

Section 1: Any person attending Hollywood High School and fulfilling the requirements
of the organization may be a member.

Section 2: The requirements are as follows: willingness to debate, continued attendance,
and yearly dues of $5.

Section 3: In order to guarantee equal human rights, equal opportunities shall be afforded
to all students without regard of race, color, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnic origin, citizenship, nationality, or physical disability.

Section 4: This club shall be a club of active debaters with interests in politics.

Section 1: The titles of the officers of this organization shall be, ranked in order from
greatest to least authority, are as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2: The qualifications for holding office are an ability to complete the necessary
tasks, election by one’s fellow members, and at least one year’s previous membership in the case of the President.

Section 3: All officers shall enjoy a single term for each election, consisting of one
school year, hereafter referred to as a “year,” with any one member only able to serve a maximum of two terms as President.

Section 4: The Treasurer shall deal with all financial and fiduciary duties of the club; the
Secretary shall keep records of all activities as required, as well as any other recordkeeping as deemed necessary; the Vice President shall serve as Acting President in the absence of the President, and shall perform the necessary duties assigned to them by the President; the President shall oversee and represent the club and its activities, as well as the other officers. Any position not named may be created and have a consenting member appointed to said position by the President.

Section 5: All elected officers shall enjoy a position on the executive board, and all officers
shall enjoy their position until such time as they abdicate by choice or necessity.

Section 6: The faculty sponsor for the club shall be Mrs. Brown, until such time as she
abdicates out of choice or necessity.

Section 1: The election for new officers shall take place before the final meeting of the
year, in the year’s final month. The elected officer’s term shall take effect at the beginning of the following year, and all officers shall be referred to as Acting officers (i.e., Acting Secretary) until the end of their term.

Section 2: The elections shall consist of a series of elections, going down the chain of
command, beginning with President and ending with Treasurer. They shall be done in an open ballot, with the voting done while the candidates are not in the presence of the voters (e.g., outside the room). Candidates, prior to leaving the room for voting may give a 30- or 10-second speech, as time allows, to explain their validity as a candidate, with candidates speaking in alphabetical order by first name. Should a candidate wish to run for another position as well, they may run for the position that has its election first; should they fail to win said election, they may then run in one of the following elections.

Section 3: As, historically, member attendance and participation has been dangerously
Low, for the purposes of this noble club’s continued existence, should the number of official members present be less than half of the registered members, the majority of those members present may substitute for the majority of the club as a whole. Any action that makes use of this provision must be officially cleared by a vote of the executive board; should there be a tie by the provision, the advisor or coach shall act as the deciding vote. This shall heretofore be referred to as the “Brennan’s Vote Clause.”

Section 4: Should, for any reason, any officer not faithfully execute their duties, it is the
right of the members to impeach the offending officer. In order to successfully impeach the offending officer, a complaint must be filed with the executive board through the proper forms, to be received from the Secretary or Acting Secretary. Said forms are to be filled out, citing grievances and signatures of at least two-thirds of the registered members, and filed with the Secretary or President if the Secretary is unavailable. Should the paperwork be found satisfactory, a meeting shall be called, either during the regular meeting or at another appropriate time for such an event for the sake of allowing business to be furthered in spite of calamity (i.e., at nutrition), with the President or Vice President advocating the club in order to prosecute, while the impeached may appoint a willing member of the club currently not involved in any other conflicting way to represent themselves as their defense. The trial will be done as a debate, with the resolution being as follows: “Resolved, [impeached official] is to be expulsed from their position due to [reasons for impeachment].” Should the presiding members find for the resolution, the officer is immediately stripped of their position (and possibly membership, if at least a 95% vote deems the officer’s actions severe enough for such an act) and re-elections for the position are held at the earliest possible time among members (preferably immediately following the stripping of position). Should any member, officer or otherwise, be found to be interfering with the impeachment process in any significant way (i.e., refusing to file paperwork, not bringing up the subject in meetings, holding on to paperwork for the sole reason of preventing its being filed, etc.), regardless of who is impeached, it is grounds for immediate expulsion from the club, including the stripping of membership.

Section 5: Should this constitution or any measure require amendment for any reason, they
may be carried out through a proposal and an acceptance by a vote of a two-thirds majority.

Section 1: Meetings shall take place during the allotted lunch period of every Monday of
the school week in room 406 or as need dictates. Should a replacement meeting area be required, the members may seek it out as a group.

Section 2: All members shall avoid absences under threat of expulsion from the club.
Should a member hold more than three unexcused absences at any time, they may be expulsed from the club and stripped of membership. Should a member have five unexcused tardies, they shall be given one unexcused absence in lieu of five unexcused tardies. All tardies and absences shall be determined as excused or unexcused based on a cursory vote by the present members as to the validity of the excuse of the member in question as soon as is convenient following the offending member’s arrival.

Section 1: The duty of creating, preparing, and executing fundraisers shall be the
responsibility of the Treasurer, who may enlist willing members to participate. The majority of fundraising efforts shall be focused on in-school, club-related activities, such as All-School Fair and similar events.

Section 2: Dues, as listed in Article II, Section 2, shall consist of a payment of $5 to the
Treasurer at the meeting designated by the Treasurer and approved by the remaining executive board as appropriate. Said meeting is to take place during the first two months of the semester, preferably sometime within the first three meetings, unless an extension is deemed necessary and approved by a vote of the President, Vice President, and Secretary.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fall State :)

Hey everyone,

Fall state convention is coming up on November 22 and 23rd at the LAX Mariott. It is $105 but if we can recycle and do other fundraisers then it could be less. Also, by signing up online we get $10 off per student I believe. Let me know if you want to go and whether or not you can pay full price, help donate money or need help paying and how much you can pay. This event is so much fun!!!! There will be debates, guest speakers, thought talks, games and the usual dance at night. I encourage everyone to go. Remember that all meetings are on Monday from now on. Debate on Monday the 29th. 

~Your J.S.A. President.
Elise Nicole Jackson

Bring $5 for dues (taxes) for the year to next meeting Monday the 29th.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

September 9th Meeting

Welcome back everyone!
I hope you all had a great vacation. Our first meeting for the year will be Tuesday the 9th at lunch. Please look for new members. If you are a new student than please join us at the meeting. Everyone must bring at least one new person to the meeting who is willing to join. I am looking forward to a big and eventful year with tons of fun, but remember that we NEED more members.

Your president,
Elise Jackson

P.S.- I believe that the JSA Fall State convention is November 22th and 23rd. Go on the JSA website and check the date. We need more money and more members. Thanks. :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Elections and All School Faire

So here are the election results:
President- Elise Jackson
Vice President- Brennan Jackson
Secretary- Jasmin Martinez
Treasurer-Rio James
(keepin' it in the family still!)

All School Faire is Friday May 30th
*selling hot dogs and soap box speech opportunities

~your new pres. but not quite yet, so still V.P.

Monday, March 17, 2008

March 18th meeting

Helloooo everyone who is actually reading this.

*Hot dogs being sold @ food sale

*Spring State coming up

*Debate tomorrow (March 18th)


* Recycling program

~Vice President, Elise Jackson